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About Us

Discover Local Coffee Gems with Vietnam Craft Coffee


Vietnam Craft Coffee is the ultimate destination to discover and enjoy local coffee in your area, especially in Vietnam. We provide detailed reviews, recommendations and comprehensive information about various coffee shops. Whether you're a seasoned coffee enthusiast or just starting out, we're here to help.

Join us to explore and connect with the coffee-loving community at Vietnam Craft Coffee, where Vietnam's local flavors are waiting for you to discover.

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Tony Ciotti - Founder & CEO

"Coffee fuels my soul with each sip"


I have always admired and been passionate about the flavor of coffee since I was young. From sitting in the corner of a small coffee shop in town to sunny mornings, coffee has always been an indispensable part of my life. The aroma of freshly ground coffee beans makes each day feel fresh and energized for me.

I believe that coffee is not just a beverage but also a part of the culture and tradition of every country. That's why I want to share my passion with the community so that everyone has the opportunity to experience and explore the unique and interesting flavors of coffee from around the world.

Our Mission

"We are always working to provide you best of the support in all aspects"


Our core mission is to passionately promote Vietnamese coffee globally, sharing its unique flavors and cultural significance. Leveraging innovative technology, we aim to transcend borders and showcase the essence of local coffee from Vietnam to the world. Beyond dissemination, we believe in coffee's power to unite people worldwide.

Through digital platforms, we cultivate a global community of coffee lovers who appreciate Vietnamese coffee's authenticity. We strive to uplift local coffee producers, empowering them to thrive in a competitive market. Together, we aim to foster mutual understanding and appreciation for the rich heritage of Vietnamese coffee among enthusiasts worldwide.


Our Values

By Joining Our Platform, One Can Avail a Lot Of Values.


Easy to Search

Users can easily find and locate nearby coffee shops based on their needs and geographical location.


Diverse Options

Offering a range of choices for users, from traditional coffee shops to unique or themed cafés.


Community Interaction

Creating opportunities for users to interact with the community, share experiences, and review coffee shops.


Promotion and Marketing

Offering an effective promotion channel for cafés, enhance brand awareness and reach a large number of potential customers.


Tracking and Evaluation

Providing tools for café owners to track and evaluate their business performance based on reviews and feedback from users.


Development and Expansion

Supporting cafés in business development and expansion by attracting and retaining loyal customers.