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Workshop Tea and Coffee - Enhancing beverages trend

Explore the distinctive flavor of Specialty Oolong Tea and immerse yourself in an engaging workshop. Learn about coffee and tea and experience the unique blend of these two beverages.

Event Highlights:

Free admission

Time: April 13, 2024

Event operating hours: From 2 PM

Venue: Aroma Training Center - 106 Ly Nam De, Kim Long, Hue

Organizer: Aroma Training Center

Theme drinks: Specialty Oolong Tea

Workshop Tea and Coffee - Enhancing beverages trend
Workshop Tea and Coffee at Aroma Training Center

Oolong tea has long been a beloved choice among tea enthusiasts, and thanks to the unique terrain, climate, and continuous improvements in production methods, Vietnamese Oolong tea has become increasingly exceptional and renowned in the FnB industry, especially the Specialty Oolong Tea.

Experts at the workshop will help you answer your questions:

  1. What exactly is Specialty Oolong Tea? What sets it apart from regular Oolong varieties?
  2. Is the term often seen on many signs, 'Bold-flavored Oolong tea,' indicative of Specialty Oolong Tea?
  3. How are the ingredients blended to elevate the flavor profile of Specialty Oolong Tea?
  4. How can Specialty Oolong Tea be presented in a sophisticated manner to attract customers?

Join us at the Specialty Oolong Tea Workshop - Elevating Beverage Trends with Aroma Training Center, where we'll decode all these questions and explore many more intriguing aspects!

  • Taste various Oolong teas and discern their unique aromas and flavors;
  • Brew tea using Hand-brew methods: Syphon, V60, French press;
  • Innovate beverage creations using the base of Specialty Oolong Tea.